I think Dave Frishberg is the wryest, most urbane lyricist since Cole Porter.
His ability to take the mundane elements of everyday experience and frame them in his unique brand of tuneful irony is a thing of wonder. Dave is a longtime collaborator with Bob Dorough. (You're listening to one example right now,) Their recent CD, Who's on First, is ample evidence of their respect and admiration of each other.

Dave's biggest hit for us is I'm Just a Bill. Tom's brilliant design of "...that sad little scrap of paper" helped Bill run a close second to Bobby's Conjunction Junction in a survey conducted by ABC, the results of which were later released on videotape as The Best of Schoolhouse Rock. Also on that tape was Dave's Walkin' on Wall Street from our Money Rock series ("Buy low, sell high -- that's the Wall Street way!")

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Do You Miss New York -- Live at Lincoln Center is available from
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